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Thursday, June 7th
  • Homework: Please continue to work on all of your CCT Components. The CCT is due tomorrow.
  • Today we went over the Exam Review which can be found above.

Wednesday, June 6th
  • Homework: Please continue to work on all of your CCT Components.
  • Today we worked on CCT Prior Edited Work component.

Tuesday, June 5th

Monday, June 4th
  • Homework: Continue to work on the writer analysis component of our CCT submission.
  • Today we produced the non-fiction component of our CCTs. Please submit your piece to

Thursday, May 31st
  • Homework: Complete your Music and Image poems if you haven't done so.
  • Today we completed our Music and Image poems.

Wednesday, May 30th
  • Today we presented the poems we wrote at yesterday's AGO field trip and continued to work on our Music and Image Assignment.

Monday, May 28th

Friday, May 25th
  • Today students were assigned our Poetry and Image Assignment. Students started collecting images that they intend to write on next week. We also submitted our Event/Object Poems.

Thursday, May 24th

Wednesday, May 23rd

Friday, May 18th
  • Today we played fridge magnet poetry and concluded watching The Usual Suspects.

Thursday, May 10th
  • Today we continued to write our Collective Writing Assignment. We also started analyzing the different versions of events as told by the four central characters in The Usual Suspects.

Wednesday, May 9th
  • Today we started producing for our Collective Writing Assignment. We started to write our characters historical experiences, they actions they took and any relevant dialogue.

Tuesday, May 8th
  • Today we started conducting research for our Collective Writing Assignment. We determined our characters and started finding relevant historical content to start writing with.

Monday, May 7th
  • Today we started our Collective Writing Piece by conducting the following writing activity: Columbine
  • Students then got into their groups and started to select the event they will start writing on.

Friday, May 4th
  • Homework: Please rework your respective short stories based on my comments and today's meeting.
  • Today students received the comments from their Short Story assignment for revision. Students started working on their revisions.

Thursday, May 3rd
  • Today we wrote response letters to today's Consent Seminar.

Wednesday, May 2nd
  • Today we continued to build our Wonderboys mindmap and mapped out how the ending should work. We then watched the film's concluding scene.

Tuesday, May 1st

Monday, April 30th
  • Today students submitted a draft of their short stories and practiced the following writing prompt.
  • Blind Date Story Prompt

Friday, April 27th
  • Today we had a check-in for our short story drafts.

Thursday, April 26th
  • Today we continued to work on our short stories and discussed how to incorporate motif and symbolic objects into our narratives.

Wednesday, April 25th
  • Today we discussed movies we love and movies we hate. In doing so, we learned that what makes us usually like or dislike a movie is the strength or weakness of it's plot.
  • We then continued to work on our respective short stories by working on our respective plot.

Tuesday, April 24th

Monday, April 23rd

Wednesday, April 18th
  • Today we had Short Story In Class Prompt Quiz. We than began analyzing conflict in the film Wonderboys.
  • Wonderboys and Conflict

Tuesday, April 17th
  • Today we learned how to write using concrete imagery. In doing so we practiced for tomorrow's in class assessment.
  • Writing Imagery

Monday, April 16th
  • Homework: Please have your Fan Fiction Assignment complete for tomorrow.
  • Today we read Sherman Alexie's short story Breaking and Entering. In doing so, we analyzed the narrative structure of this story and how Alexie chose to represent the language, themes and conflicts.
  • Breaking and Entering and Conflict Note

Thursday, April 12th
  • Today we shared some of our eulogy assignments, learned about writing realistic dialogue and then constructed dialogue in the form of fan fiction.
  • Fan Fiction and Dialogue

Wednesday, April 11th

Tuesday, April 10th

Friday, April 6th
  • Today we completed our Character Assignment by answering 60 questions about our the characters we developed in our mind. Please submit this completed assignment to

Thursday, April 5th
  • Today we started creating characters by doing writing to the following prompt.
  • We then started to build our own characters and went over our Character Assignment.

Wednesday, April 4th
  • Today we started class by completing the following exercise by connecting specific verbs with specific characters.
  • We then had our last work period for our Podcast assignments.
  • Basic Verbs to Nuanced Verbs
  • 1. MP3 of the Podcast: Titled
  • 2. Podcast Script including bibliography

Tuesday, April 3rd
  • Homework: Complete writing and recording you Podcast Assignment.
  • Today students completed writing their scripts for their Podcast assignment.

Thursday, March 29th
  • Homework: Continue to work on your scripts for your assignment. Tuesday should be an editing day.
  • Today students continued to write their scripts for their Podcast assignment.

Wednesday, March 28th
  • Today we learned how to use Garageband to record and edit our podcasts. We continued to outline our podcasts and started writing our scripts.

Tuesday, March 27th
  • Today we started to break down the content for our upcoming podcasts by creating timelines.
  • Podcast Timeline

Monday, March 26th
  • Dear students, please use today as an opportunity to collect research for your chosen topic for your podcast assignment.
    • For Tuesday you need to present me with:
      • At minimum three separate sources.
        • From each source you need to collect at minimum three pieces of specific information about your chosen topic that your audience would be interested in.
      • Two potential interview subjects and five level two questions that you would ask them.

Friday, March 9th
  • Today we continued to watch Bowling For Columbine.

Thursday, March 8th

Wednesday, March 7th
  • Today students were assigned their Podcast Assignments. We discussed what would make a potentially good topic and students started brainstorming for ideas of potential subjects.
  • We then continued to read our Interview Write-Ups and watch Bowling For Columbine.

Tuesday, March 6th
  • Today we started learning what it means to write for the ear and how writer's select and transform their writing so to make it listenable, engaging and interesting. We looked at some examples and completed the following exercise.
  • Writing for the Ear Note

Monday, March 5th
  • Today we presented and assessed our Interview Assignments.

Friday, March 2nd
  • Today we submitted our Interview Assignment's and engaged in a short writing activity.
  • Please submit your Interview Assignment as one document but with the following components in the following order:
    • 1. The Write-Up
    • 2. The Time Signatures and their respective transcriptions
    • 3. Your original interview questions

Thursday, March 1st
  • Today was our last day to complete our Autobiographical Interview Assignment Write Ups, which are due tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 28th
  • Homework: Continue to work on your assignment it is due tomorrow at the end of class.
  • Today we worked at transforming our interview transcriptions for efficiency and clarity.

Tuesday, February 27th
  • Today we continued to listen and transcribe our interviews based on our time signatures.

Monday, February 26th
    • Your interviews went well. Hopefully you listened to them again over the weekend...and brought your earphones for today.
    • The assignment below lays out what you're going to do...but here's a sample from a writer named Studs Terkel who is the best at this (insert Why I Quit the Clan)
    • Need more samples? Here's the link to his book on can choose the "look inside" option and poke around a lot of the chapters...remember, they are all written by him in the voices of the people he interviewed: Terkel Working

    • Read it carefully - note how he writes in his speaker's voice...tells his speaker's story...that's what YOU'RE going to do.
    • So...listen to your interview again. Take notes. You can use certain lines and expressions from your classmate, of course, but the object is not to simply transcribe the conversation you's to write in his or her voice about his or her life. You can choose what things you'd like to include and omit.

Friday, February 23rd
  • Homework: None
  • Today we held our Autobiographical Sketch Interviews.

Thursday, February 22nd
  • Homework: Please have your questions printed for tomorrow's interview.
  • Today we discussed how to effectively conduct and and record an interview.
  • We started preparing Level 2 Questions that ask for evaluation or anecdote.
  • Autobiographical Sketch (The Interview)

Wednesday, February 21st
  • Today we exchanged our autobiographical sketches and started to read and analyze them in preparation for Friday's interview.
  • Autobiographical Assignment

Tuesday, February 20th
  • Today we started class by selecting and responding to one of 650 writing prompts. We then wrote our autobiographical sketches, which are detailed in the following note.
  • Autobiographical Sketch

Thursday, February 15th
  • Today we completed reading our Open Letters and stated watching the documentary 15 Reasons to Live.

Wednesday, February 14th
  • Today we submitted and presented our Open Letters.

Tuesday, February 13th
  • Homework: Complete your Open Letter as it's due tomorrow.
  • Today we worked on creating tone and incorporating it into our writing. We then started Peer Reviewing our Open Letters.
Creating Tone and Peer Review

Monday, February 12th
  • Today we focused on how to incorporate ourselves more into our work by drawing details from our experiences.
  • We also continued to learn how to make our writing more interesting by utilizing the techniques we learned in class.
Connecting to Oneself

Friday, February 9th
  • Today we learned about the different ways in which we can create variety in our sentences with the following sentence workshop:
Sentence Workshop

Thursday, February 8th
  • Today students continued to work on their Open Letters. Please be ready for a check-in tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 7th
  • Today we read the following open letter to Jared Leto. We also generated content by describing conducting a short writing exercise and continued writing our Open Letters.
  • Open Letter Note #3

Tuesday, February 6th
  • Dear students in my absence please use today to work on your Open Letter Assignment.

Monday, February 5th
  • Today we read the following open letter and analyzed it effectiveness: From One Boozer to Another
  • Students were assigned their Open Letter Assignment
  • Students then started a writing exercise to help them generate ideas on what to write about.

Friday, February 2nd
  • Homework: None
  • Today we read and analyzed Emmet Till's family's open letter to Lil Wayne and Lil Wayne's subsequent response.
  • We discussed the role and nature of Open Letters and wrote letter's to either someone how had an impact on us or our future selves.
  • Open Letter Note #1

Thursday, February 1st
  • Homework: None
  • Today students submitted and presented their Complaint Letter Assignments.

Wednesday, January 31st

Tuesday, January 30th
  • Homework: Work on your complaint letter if necessary. We will be reading them on Thursday.
  • Today we read the following hilarious example of a complaint letterand continued to write and organize our Complaint Letters.

The body of your letter has four elements:
Introduction - who you are/what the problem is...explain why you're writing the letter in the first place. (Paragraph 1)
Details - all of the information necessary to describe/give background re. the problem (Paragraph 2)
Action - how has this problem affected you/others...what do you WANT?? (Paragraph 3)
Closing - thank you and request for reply

Ok, so your letter will probably be a little longer than this...but you get the gist of the structure...this is how you must organize your letter.

Formal Letter Format.png
Formal Letter Format.png

How to write a complaint letter that gets results

Monday, January 29th
  • Today we looked at examples of Complaint Letters and analyzed them for their clarity, efficacy and authorship.
  • We then worked on transforming aggressive statements into assertive and passive language.
  • Students then started their Complaint Letter Assignment.

Assertive vs Passive Language

Friday, January 26th
  • Today we took up our respective responses to the Proust Questionnaire.
  • We then wrote, edited and presented our pieces from Writing Prompt #1.

Writing Prompt #1


Thursday, January 24th

Hello everyone. As a way to introduce ourselves in the written form please do the following:


The Proust Questionnaire

Please submit your responses to your new turnitin account the details of which can be found here:

Class ID:
Enrolment Key: